ICED TEA: Mojito Ice Tea #icedtea #recipe #tea #ultimatereport

Mojito + Iced Tea


Mojito Ice Tea
Jesse Lane Wellness



  • Two mint tea bags
  • 8 cups of water
  • 2 limes
  • 10 drops liquid stevia *to taste
  • Bunch of mint
  • Ice cubes


  1. Boil 7 cups of water and steep 2 bags of mint tea in the hot water. This can be done in a pot on the stove or with a kettle and a large tea pot.
  2. Remove tea bags after 10 minutes and let the tea cool on the counter for 2 hours.
  3. Once the tea as cooled, move it to the fridge for another 2 hours.
  4. Slice round from ½ a lime and set aside to use as a garnish. Juice 1½ limes and pour the juice into a large pitcher.
  5. Add one cup of very cold water in to a large pitcher along with the stevia and chilled tea and stir until mixed. Adjust the sweetness as desired by adding additional drops of stevia one at a time.
  6. Place the pitcher in the fridge for a final 2 hours to chill.
  7. Add ice cubes and a slice lime and a sprig of mint to each glass before serving.


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SOURCE:  Image and recipe-Jesse Lane Wellness.

ICED TEA: Mojito Ice Tea #icedtea #recipe #tea #ultimatereport


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