LIVING WITH QUETZAL GREEN: A Celebration in Seasonal Color #quetzalgreen #seasonalcolor #color #ultimatereport

What is Quetzal Green?


When quetzal green sets the stage for everyday life.  

A magnificent cloud of visible aroma that spans out with its counterpart colors in a glass pail of water.  A polished ribbon to remind us of a cause that is bigger than we are.  An angry colony of rolling clouds moving steadily across a peach sky.  A small decorated bag designed to carry an expensive gift.  A two-door opening leading into a rustic setting with good bones and great company.  The simple bit that keeps everything in order.  Purest hue that makes us stop and look again and again at its winding exotic river.  A medical organizer that holds the good news they have been waiting to hear for the last five years.  Precisely presented letters overlapping for a desired hue.   A fob of nature’s bounty shaped to complement the curves of her decollete.  A new pair of blue jeans that cleverly morph into a unique hue in the right mix of light.  A stage of northern lights as they dance across the sky and changing the mood of landscape.  His suit jacket you picked out for the sake of conversation among new company.  An urban backdrop against her light grey suit.  The bridge that leads you to the reality of your wildest and most successful dreams.


Have a beautiful and successful week!


SOURCE:  Images-Matthew HenryBrodie Vissers, Nicole De Khors, Shopify,Samantha Hurley, Sarah Pflug, Mitul Shah.

LIVING WITH QUETZAL GREEN: A Celebration in Seasonal Color #quetzalgreen #seasonalcolor #color #ultimatereport

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