MARCH 2018

Welcome to March 2018!!!



It’s getting warmer outside and what better way to celebrate the warmth of a new 2018 season than to share that vibe through our cover image!  March is blooming with greatness and we found some great things to share with everyone!  Let’s start here…


We found more great blogger style.

Three bloggers share details about their personal fashion style:  Yesha Dave, Claire Tabone, and Camelia Croitor.  These bloggers live throughout the world and offer unique points of view on their well cultivated style!


What do savvy British pets wear?

We caught up with Hettie UK and found out!  This is a brand that not only create beautiful accessories for doggie mummies and daddies, but amazing wears for pets as well!


LEMAK Designs

…is a unique design company filling a market gap in the wearable jewelry industry.  The designer has a long and well developed history in the industry.  Unlike all others, these designs caught our eye and we are confident that they will also catch your attention, completely!


Fashion and trends.

Fashion continues to evolve and we continue to cover as much as we possibly can cover!  Find out what is new for fall winter 2018-2019, and what is trending at present.  There is something fresh for everyone in our fashion finds!


The 2018 ULTIMATE REPORT Awards.

…will be announced this month.  These are the people and talents to watch for the remainder of 2018.  These include recognition for fashion designers, skin care producers, blogger style, trend setting, photography, art, cause/movement, hair and makeup artistry, hair care, special occasion designer, custom made bridal apparel, and jewelry design.  It was challenging to narrow down to the brands who were selected for recognition.  These brands are located in countries throughout the world and have had a working affiliation with ULTIMATE REPORT at some point in time.  We can’t wait to announce our findings to the world!


Thank you.

We sincerely thank you for your readership and support.  We could not be what we have grown to be without you all.  My team and I appreciate you.  Wishing you all the best in March 2018 and beyond…




Makeup artist: 

Laurabeth Brock Townsend does it again.  Her beautiful work stands out from all other for the March 2018 cover.  This beach setting and natural finish makeup with hair is enough to get anyone ready for the beginning of another warm weather season.  Warm thoughts to everyone!



Have a beautiful and successful week!


SOURCE:  Image-Laurabeth Brock Townsend.

MARCH 2018


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