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Popular food + Flowers

An American food culture institution all unto its own, the Blossom OREO has arrived.  New Jersey pastry chef, Ayse Yaman, has morphed a popular food culture treat into mouth-popping gold with a few simple and decorative applications…a round garden of buttercream blooms between two crisp chocolate cookies.

Go bold or go bold is the only choice here…

Imagine the bold cream of double-stuffed cookie times 20 but pretty.  This is the creamy reality.  So many questions come to mind in a single flash.  Are these available for VEGANS?  How many can a person eat before becoming stuffed?  Will these ever hit store shelves?  If so, how many to a package?  Is this OREO’S official alter ego?

Does Ayse Yaman join the ranks of those who create all that is good and sweet?  We think so… #staysweet



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SOURCE:  Image-Ayse Yaman

NOW TRENDING: Blossom OREOs #staysweet #NowTrending #ULTIMATEREPORT #food #yum #trending

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