NOW TRENDING:  The Cut Out Bathing Suit #NormaKamali #Swimwear

Cut it out…beautifully…


One need not be modest to wear this cut out one piece swim suit.  Norma Kamali revives and rebuilds the spirit of the mono-kini as only she can.  Her interpretation is simply called CHUCK.  Yes, this design is unique.  It’s colorful with hues and print, nine different ways, to get you through all facets of a sociably delightful summer season.  Add all eight to your collection at



“The Chuck is a classic Kamali swim silhouette that puts a regular one-piece to shame”

-Norma Kamali


Have a beautiful and successful week!


SOURCE:  GIF and images-Norma Kamali.

NOW TRENDING: The Cut Out Bathing Suit #NormaKamali #Swimwear

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