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Endless wearable pleasure…

Unique and elegant…

This camp is always up for the uniquely artistic expressions of the wildly creative.  An introduction to these rings from Maria Paola Barrotta is a welcomed breath of fresh air.  Microbeads that adorn the solid ring base of these finger baubles offer a lovely presence for the jewellery aficionados seeking a new adventure in jewellery wears.  The rings are available in chic finishes of rustic gold, silver, and obsidian.

Does this get any better?

What could possibly make this visual aesthetic any better?  These rings have gorgeous cuff counterparts…and the style is available in coveted rose gold!  Connect with Maria on her official Facebook page.



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SOURCE:  Images-Maria Paola Barrotta

NOW TRENDING: These Rings by Maria Paola Barrotta Jewels #NowTrending #Rings #MariaPaolaBarrotta #Art #FingerArt #ULTIMATEREPORT

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