UR:  What inspired this collection? 

W:  Travels, spirit of world’s femininity and water. With each of my large-scale, hand-crafted pieces, numerized and finally printed on silk, I create unique works of art, inspired by the shores and seas of the world. Sprinkled with fluid lines that flow like water, intense and profound glances are flooded with shades of blue, azur and starry night blue. My newest collection has captured the essence of human intelligence and the colorful beauty of sensitive emotions.


UR:  Where were you when inspiration struck?

W:  Our new house and studio is located 100 feet from the magnificent St-Lawrence River. This is where I got most of my inspiration.



UR:  How is the collection unique from your other masterpieces? 

W:  For this collection, the drawing and the blue color vision takes center stage on the serene, lively and inspired creations.

Also water inspiration drove my creation to do new kind of dress-pareo.


UR:  How did your team respond to the collection? 

W:  Thrilled, motivated, inspired. Everybody feels how strong this new collection is going to be



UR:  What did your typical day look like while you created this collection? 

W:  Work, Work, Work, Coffee, drawing, brainstorming with collaborators and sharing vision and creativity. It’s all about fun /serious and enthusiasm.


I want to create a celebration of blue/blue in the spotlight/blue takes center stage.



UR:  How many pieces are in this collection?

W:  26 New Silk Dresses, Kimono, Pareo-Dress,  T-shirts.

The women’s collection includes light and elegant cocktail dresses, vaporous silk scarves, a pareo dress as well as opaque and transparent silk pareos flowing with movement. For men, Wallo offers beautiful silk kimonos, high-performance polyester t-shirts, chic interior pants and highly stylish, but versatile, silk bermudas.



UR:  What fabrics were used to create this collection? 

W:  Silk, high performance poly and viscose.  Our Wallo’s silk is made from 90% charmeuse silk and 10% Lycra, the result being a material that is tremendously soft, resistant and comfortable. The charmeuse silk that we use offers an amazing depth of color. Because it is timeless, to me, silk symbolises the rich and everlasting nature of human relationships. It is soft, light, fresh and silky on the skin – it is a joy to wear. It fluidly follows the body’s movements and drapes joyfully and gracefully.


UR:  How do you want the consumer market to be inspired by this collection?

W:  Resolutely charming and intriguing, the faces and eyes depicted in the STAND UP Wallo collection mesmerize and radiate a sweet feeling of joyfulness and confidence.  I want to create a celebration of blue/blue in the spotlight/blue takes center stage.  2018 will be strongly tinted with blue! Confident, soft and eternal, shades of blue evoke the sky and the sea in all their splendor, softness and natural power. My digital paintings reveal the faces of confident and gentle women, rich textures and several shades of deep blue, sand, purple and purplish blue intertwined with night blacks, marble whites and neutral tones. From the Caribbean to the North Sea, the sun warms up and paints the sky and sea. These bluish paintings are electrified by bright yellow streaks and caressed by black brush strokes that accentuate the shapes and the piercing eyes.  To learn more:





Have a beautiful and successful week!




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