UR BLOGGER STYLE:  Camelia of Dark Passion

Camelia’s practical style…




UR:  How do you define personal style? 

CDP:  I’m a practical person. Always looking for lost time, always hurried, I get used to the first thing I get my hand from the closet and get out on the door.


UR:  When did you decide to create your personal style?

CDP:  I think I’ve always been looking for a meld for fashion with practically as simple and convenient as possible.


UR:  How would you best describe your personal style?

CDP:  The personal style is the mirror of one’s self and in time, it grows and defines itself at the same time with you, it highlights and it outlines itself, it gains its own attitude.

I like comfortable clothes and I think I could define my style as smart casual.




UR:  Who are some of your favorite fashion designers and why?

CDP:  I do not have a favorite designer. Only here would the real adventure begin because I am a tailor so I would be my own designer. I am extremely pretentious and I hardly follow the trends.


UR:  What designers inspire your style the most and how?

CDP:  Coco Chanel, the most famous designer of all time, founder of the Chanel brand. She eliminated the idea of ​​feminine fashion “corset” and introduced a sporty, casual, and chic line … when it comes to casual I do not have to explain why … it is not like that? 😀



UR: What are your favorite shoes? 

CDP:  Contrary to all expectations … I love stiletto.  The tall heels ones make me lose my head.


UR: What do you like to wear on a daily basis? Why?

CDP:  A pair of jeans and a T-shirt, because it’s comfortable and the jeans go well with stilletos.


UR:  What do you reach for when it’s time to go out for an evening on the town?

CDP:  For a night in the city, little black dress and stiletto are suitable at any occasion.


UR:  How do blue jeans and denim work into your wardrobe? 

CDP:  I have a lot of denim clothing, but I prefer black jeans.


UR:  When reaching for outerwear, what is your favorite coat to wear for winter? Spring? Summer?  

CDP:  I hate winter. In the area where I live there were extreme temperatures, -30. so I just refuse to go out, and if there is no escape, I dress in ski equipment or I have a very thick park.

It is clear that I love the summer when I prefer maxi dresses. And in spring I put a jacket over my shirt and that’s it.



UR:  Let’s talk handbags. On a regular day, what size handbag do you like and why? What is your current favorite handbag? Why this bag?

CDP:  For the day to day  I prefer the backpack and the small bag for the evening. I do not have a favorite.


UR:  Accessories. When it comes to jewelry, what works best for you? The more the better? Or, is less good? Do you prefer gold, silver, rose gold?

CDP:  Less is more…

I do not like the jewels. A simple watch, a Pandora bracelet and small pearl earrings.



UR:  Who is your favorite style icon of all time?

CDP:  Audrey Hepburn is the definition of elegance for me.

My style is not out of the ordinary.

I dress elegantly only when the dress code calls for it.

Otherwise, I prefer to enjoy life, my son, every sunrise, leaf scent and green grass.

And as a hobby I just discovered nail art. I’m going with small steps but I hope to introduce you soon exceptional results.




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Have a beautiful and successful week!


SOURCE:  Images-Camelia of Dark Passion.ro.

UR BLOGGER STYLE: Camelia of Dark Passion

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