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New denim from France is ALWAYS exciting…


New designs and applications to denim are always causing celebration.  Why?  Because the one consistent wardrobe staple gets elevated again.  This time, jeans get elevated by French fashion designer Brigitte Dine.  Call this new emergence mermaid jeans (Which we love by the way), call it sequin jeans, and definately call for it!


“I want to do it for every body type. My fashion studies allow me to enhance all silhouette. I am tired of fashion conformism…”

-Brigitte Dine


UR:  Is there a name for this technique or trend name? If so, what do you call it?

BD:  This trend doesn’t have a name yet but it will be characterised by a lot of sparkling, colour and mix of trends: leopard, camo,80’s, very feminine and a bit crazy. It just goes out of my head.


UR:  What inspired this trend? Is the trend current or released for SS2019?

BD:  What inspired this trend, as I said is a mix of the various trend. It comes from a lack of originality or a lack of colour in our lives. I am talking about my life in France, where everything is grey, tasteless, soulless.  Thank you so much ❤️ Yes I would like to release it in 2019. It will depend on how I will work: time and money. I am working all day and I design only at night and during the weekend.


UR:  How many requests have you had for denim with this trend applique?

BD:  Just a precision: I am a fashion student and I am doing my best to release my collection.


UR:  How simple is it to care for these jeans?

BD:  Yes it’s easy to wash it: you should put the pants on the other side to protect the fabric.


UR:  Are you doing this to just slim jeans or all denim pants and garments?

BD:  I can do it for all denim garments. This one, for example, is mum jeans. I already have another idea for a slim … 😌


UR:  Who is the projected person who will wear these jeans?

BD:  I want to do it for every body type. My fashion studies allow me to enhance all silhouette. I am tired of fashion conformism: Skinny and white women. Humanity is so beautiful, let’s celebrate every woman with fashion trends!


UR:  Where can we get these jeans? Are they custom by request? 

BD:  These jeans are made here in France, there will be customised by request. I don’t have an internet shop but soon I will be ready.


I am an employee government the day and fashion student at night and at the weekend. I’ve started this course one year ago. The only moment I always appreciate every day is when I get dressed up. That’s all. I decided to learn fashion after getting through a long time of doubting of myself. The only way to study fashion while working (because I still need money) was to choose online courses. So I study at the International Carrer Institute of Sydney. I really enjoy my courses!

-Brigitte Dine 




Have a beautiful and successful week!


SOURCE:  Images-Brigitte Dine.

BRIGITTE DINE DENIM #coverstory #interview #fashion #jeans #ultimatereport

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