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NYC Ballet…

Lovely hommage.

In what appears to be an hommage to the NYC Ballet, Acne Studios has managed again to capture attention while breathing new life into a well seasoned and refined institution.  While the brand’s creative director has a clear vision in mind with the creation of the various pieces that make up each ensemble, our view was one of practicality bliss.  Anyone who wishes to dive off into the designer fashion deep end will benefit from the many facest of investing in this collection.  If we just saw the pieces reflecting the NYC Ballet, there would be an investment.  Who wouldn’t want to celebrate the 70-year-old institution?


Life in color.

The color story is pleasing as it takes wearers through the season with the option to blend in with color or stand out with sprinkles of bolder hues.  Better wear is peppered with what we like to call melange neutral, offering monochromatic statements for professional settings.  Seasonal color also makes a grand appearance keeping the collection as a whole on trend for the retail season.


Livable style.

The styles do not lean toward complete androgeny, nor do they fall in the completely feminine zone, but are placed somewhere in between where anyone can pluck a garment and run with it in an existing wardrobe.  The sportier or casual pieces layer well within the collection, then again who wouldn’t expect that from the brand that re-made layering for future generations.  Classic pieces with Acne Studios influences also make up a vital part of the collection, working in and out of casual and better wear.


When approaching this collection, don’t blink…you’ll miss something amazing.

Mary Winkenwerder, ULTIMATE REPORT 




“This collection is a portrait of a dancer in four acts. We follow her from rehearsal to performance, and from off-duty to a night out. I was interested in how dancers wear clothes both to enhance their movement and to express character. It is a mode of dressing that to me feels modern.”
– Jonny Johansson, Creative Director


Have a beautiful and successful week!


SOURCE:  Images-Acne Studios.

RUNWAY BRILLIANCE: Acne Studios SS2019 #fashion #collection #SS2019 #ultimatereport #runwaybrilliance

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