LIVING WITH EMPERADOR: A Celebration In Seasonal Color  #emperador

What is emperador?


Frothy-rich Turkish coffee filling the room with spicy scent. Knit fabric carefully fitted to a model’s figure with wooden beads draped across the decollete. Silk gowns worn by bride’s maids at the beach. Newly roasted chestnuts wrapped in newspaper. Waiting for your name to be called in a 120 year-old chair. Satin that looks as rich as newly melted chocolate waiting to be patterned and cut. Dark roasted coffee beans filling the air with aromatic splendor. An exotic beaded wooden cuff waiting to make its seasonal debut. Weathered ship lap keeping company with fine wine. New culinary twist on a generations-old classic. The most comfortable pair of knee boots you own. Industrial stool with leather trim. Raw spices waiting to season the best cup of chai tea this week. Hand-carved wooden links finishing a model’s image. Crackle cookies made with someone you love.



Have a beautiful and successful week!



LIVING WITH EMPERADOR: A Celebration In Seasonal Color

LIVING WITH SEASONAL COLOR is a series exclusive to ULTIMATE REPORT celebrating seasonal color in everyday life.

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