LIVING WITH CROCUS PETAL: A Celebration in Seasonal Color #crocuspetal #seasonalcolor #color #ultimatereport

What is Crocus Petal?


What is crocus petal in real life?

Two simple blocks that help you to master the art of balance in your life.  Organic towel set to the side to close out a long hot, candle lit bath.  The chair he sits in to be eye level with you.  The light that angelically danced around her head the first time you saw her.  The single alluring rose she has kept for 17 years to remind her of your first date.  Soles for favorite pair of tennis shoes destined to entertain all night.   The one balloon in a bouquet standing out from all others.  Bar of home made soap wrapped in fresh cut wax paper.  Quiet wall keeping company with a loud plant.  The one obscure lip color that saves an evening ensemble.  A beautiful ribbon to remind us that helping others is good.


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SOURCE:  Images-Matthew HenryBrodie Vissers, Nicole De Khors, Shopify,Samantha Hurley, Sarah Pflug, Mitul Shah.

LIVING WITH CROCUS PETAL: A Celebration in Seasonal Color #crocuspetal #seasonalcolor #color #ultimatereport

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