LIVING WITH MARTINI OLIVE: A Celebration in Seasonal Color #martiniolive #seasonalcolor #color #ultimatereport

What is Martini Olive?


What is Martini Olive in real life?

A look of satisfaction from a feline who has enjoyed a daily sumptuous snack.  The one building that stands out from all others in a vintage NYC skyline.  Hand carved bowl offering rest to a collection of bath goodies.  The thorny, jagged edge of a plant that bears sweet nectar.  Stylish field jacket that gets you through another fashion season seamlessly.  An aged cedar branch against a clear blue sky.   Single brick in an aged patina wall.  Much needed button to replace the one that fell off last night.  Mulched coast line where the fresh water meet land.  The floor where he waits impatiently for you to come home.  Dried ingredients used to make therapeutic tea.  Delicious hard crusted bread used to make a magnificent mouth amusement.




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SOURCE:  Images-Matthew HenryBrodie Vissers, Nicole De Khors, Shopify,Samantha Hurley, Sarah Pflug, Mitul Shah.

LIVING WITH MARTINI OLIVE: A Celebration in Seasonal Color #martiniolive #seasonalcolor #color #ultimatereport

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