LIVING WITH RED PEAR: A Celebration in Seasonal Color #redpear #seasonalcolor #color #ultimatereport

What is Red Pear?


What is red pear in real life?

New delicate skirt on a well seasoned ballerina.  Mechanism to take you closer to what you desire in just one click.  Empty subway seats ready to serve thousands of rushed riders.  Your best friend’s sangria.  Organza ribbon finishing a fine paper box.  Age lines in a canyon coliseum.  Brilliant leaves during the peak of their life.  The one lip color that makes life attractive to others.  A fine lace brassier waiting to be worn under a cuddly cashmere sweater.  Decorative sequins that change hue when rubbed the right way.  Single rose petals to remind you of the unforgettable evening that changed the course of your life forever.  The small cord that makes a big difference in blowing off steam.  The sweetest apple you will ever eat.  Comfortable foundation layer worn alone as a statement.  Chopped ripe tomatoes sprinkled across crostini and drizzled with balsamic vinegar aged to perfection.


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SOURCE:  Images-Matthew HenryBrodie Vissers, Nicole De Khors, Shopify,Samantha Hurley, Sarah Pflug, Mitul Shah.

LIVING WITH RED PEAR: A Celebration in Seasonal Color #redpear #seasonalcolor #color #ultimatereport

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