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Boxed with sophistication…


Okay, we’re not accustomed to turning down flowers and especially BOXED FLOWERS.  …or the opportunity to share where in our country they can be purchased.  What once was thought to be a mainstream Paris overnighted to NYC and the US is now a US purchase reality!  Yes, sophisticated boxed roses are available in the US.  NOIR New York offers the perfect range of boxed roses available in an OVAL hat box-50 and 75 counts, and in a tall round box-25, 50, 75, and 100 counts.  Rose color selections are perfectly in step with the sophistication vibe, available in ivory, pink, and the deepest most beautiful red.  Place your order through Facebook or visit NOIR directly online at  Are they available for shipping across the US?  Guess it’s time to find out…


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SOURCE:  Images-NOIR New York.

NOW TRENDING: NOIR New York Boxed Roses #roses #fashion #flowers #gift #trending #nowtrending #ultimatereport

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