NOW TRENDING:  Rose Gold Professional Hair Shears

Nothing but the best…in rose gold…


Hair professionals will appreciate this one…

Matsui scissors have long been the go-to preference for hair stylists worldwide since the late 90’s.   What happens when you cross Matsui and rose gold?  Something fashionably beautiful for hair shaping and maintenance.  Yes, the scissors superstar has created favorite hand-held shapers in rose gold.  We found these on and wanted to be sure we did our part in sharing the great news!  Happy shaping everyone…


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A pair of Matsui scissors has been the go-to choice of discerning stylists in America since 1998. These shears and thinners offer unprecedented comfort and versatility – a great tool to suit various cutting techniques. Made from the finest, hand-forged Japanese steel, these scissors deliver precision and texturing like no other. Get them at Scissor Tech US for amazing rates.

-Scissor Tec


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NOW TRENDING: Rose Gold Professional Hair Shears

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