PINK:  How to Celebrate Pink in Daily Life

How many ways can you show support?

Many and daily.

Those who have suffered or have watched loved ones suffer know all good and well that dealing with cancer is no laughing matter.  Showing support does not have to be crazy loud.  It can be tasteful and subtle.  Stop and look around you.  When you think about it, pink is around us daily.  Sure October is a designated time to remember and educate but what about the rest of the year.  We here at ULTIMATE REPORT have dedicated not just one month but an entire year to experience the color pink for our loved ones who have suffered and passed from cancer.

Pink is all around us.

It’s the finely created macarons that virtually melt in our mouths the minute they hit our lips.  It’s the roses we send to family to celebrate life.  It’s the gerbera daisy that seems to last for months in a clear vase.  It’s the color of makeup we wear for a softer or extremely bolder statement.  It’s the selfie filter that makes everyone look like they just walked off a high-end photo shoot set.  The faux fur coat that makes you stand out in a sea of obsidian at the club.  The cold nose of a furry friend who gives us unconditional love.  It’s the balloon that inspired you to get ice cream on the way home from work.  The skirt of a dancer who’s performance moved you to tears.  A stabilizing force on the way to total and complete peace.  A wall with peeling paint that discriminating tastes find completely appealing.  A tasty strawberry milkshake adorned with colorful sprinkles.  You don’t have to go far to find pink for your personal celebration, you just need to recognize it around you.




Have a beautiful and successful week!


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PINK: How to Celebrate Pink in Daily Life

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