Universe Within Collection


As a child, flying topped the list of things to do.  Whether it was flying out of a high swinging swing seat or jumping high in a moon bounce, flying was achievable to some point.  The only thing missing with these adventures was a solid set of wings.  If you’re a kid looking to top mum and dad’s flights of fancy, only fancier, Amoriki has the ultimate wing solution with their SS2019 collection.  Universe Within offers wings for all tastes.  The layers of colorful feathers make each set unique from all others.  Here, imagination takes flight in a short run while moving your arms. Playtime characters grow into beautiful magical creatures with additional accessories such as beautifully hued headpieces.



We live in a wonderful universe, where we are all interconnected. The stars, planets, moon, nature, the people around us, music, beliefs, they are all influencing our steps and the way we feel and identify ourselves as an important part of this world. With our SS19 Universe Within Collection we invite you to embrace the powers that each design is inspired by. Wear your wings and transform into that magical creature that seeds unconditional love, fierceness, generosity, believing in our inner voice or getting creative, towards a reality that harvests the best of each of us. The collection is inspired by the sky, the elements and vibrant shinny colors, with head pieces, masks and playful outfits that transport us to a fantastic world. Each design evokes a principle or super power to be lead by while you engage into imaginative play. Go explore the Universe Within and see what you discover through the lenses of your magic wings.




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SOURCE:  Images-Amoriki.


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