RUNWAY BRILLIANCE:  CHANEL FW 2018-2019 #Chanel #runwaybrilliance #collection #runway #ultimatereport

Textures, details, and a few surprising color twists…



Waiting in anticipation only brings greater rewards at times…this is one of those times.  The FW 2018-2019 collection from CHANEL offered many of the brand’s traditional textures and finishes and so much more.  This season brought with it sunnier hues, modified slits, rounded hi-low jacket hems, matching footwear, long lapels, delightful modified cuffs, bubbles, and bows.  While it was different from any other FW collection produced to date, it was far from disappointing.  There was something new to look at with every garment that walked the runway.  Want a full breath of refreshing fashion, take this in…you’ll enjoy it!




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RUNWAY BRILLIANCE: CHANEL FW 2018-2019 #Chanel #runwaybrilliance #collection #runway #ultimatereport

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