RUNWAY BRILLIANCE:  GRANDI SS2019 Global Fashion Collective

Signature palms for sunny days…


TOYKO, JAPAN – OCTOBER 18: A model walks the runway for Global Fashion Collective Grandi collection at Shibuya Hikarie Hall on October 18, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Arun Nevader/Getty Images for VFW Management Inc.)

“Traditional seasonal colors offer good mood injections. “

-Mary Winkenwerder, ULTIMATE REPORT

What we saw in this collection.

Midi length skirts in warm and cool hues.  Soft flowing fabric finishes and finely tuned and fitted silhouettes.  Fitted crop pants.  Fitted full length pants.  Fitted bodice dresses.  Sleeveless garments.  Signature palm print top garments.  Doughnuts making appearances in the most unlikely places.  Traditional seasonal colors offer good mood injections.


What we love about this collection.

For more than one season to date, we have watched the evolution of GRANDI.  It’s been a pleasure watching this brand’s design aesthetic take shape and maintain its integrity while fusing elements of now into the mix.  This season, we are in love with the hybrid palms print.  This print pattern of palms is unique to the brand and offers refreshing originality.  Great job with finishing the palms jacket with a flash of shocking pink.  This one movement will make folding bright warm colors into this wearable arena.  …and is that a doughnut we saw on the palm jacket?  Yeah, we’ll take it.  Heh…

The wedding gown silhouette is a nod to the 1960’s bride.  This hemline is a bit long and moves beautifully.  The fit is not too tight but allows movement to show….the details are in this show of movement.  Well done GRANDI.



Have a beautiful and successful week!


SOURCE:  Images-Arun Nevader for Getty Images for VFW Management Inc.  Global Fashion Collective.

RUNWAY BRILLIANCE:  GRANDI SS2019 Global Fashion Collective


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