RUNWAY BRILLIANCE:  PRADA Resort 2019 #prada #collection #resort #ultimatereport #fashion #runwaybrilliance

How can color and print join together to reshape the form?




Until this generation, it was generally thought that fall foliage was limited to earth tones and deep jewel tones.  Not any more.  For the 2019 resort season, bright colors appeared to remind us that it still has a fashion-forward placement in mainstream wardrobes.  From top to toe these colors wear strong in Prada’s 2019 resort collection.  There are very few monochromatic color statements and most everything available is layered textures and colors.  It is never a dull moment viewing anything from Prada’s new runway roll out.




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RUNWAY BRILLIANCE: PRADA Resort 2019 #prada #collection #resort #ultimatereport #fashion #runwaybrilliance

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