RUNWAY BRILLIANCE:  Shrimps Resort 2018 #runwaybrilliance #ultimatereport #fashion #trending

Set against a sunny backdrop….


…is a fun collection worthy of recognition.  What kind of recognition?  The kind of recognition that offers major cred.  Signature faux fur comes to life through creative color use.  Prints have the mind thinking fun thoughts once believed forgotten.  Pastel blends ignite the complexion with graceful beauty.  Obsidian makes a useful presence in anchoring the collection without emotional excess.  In this sandbox stripes, plaid, and original print plays beautifully without stopping to understand why.  Shrimps, we like this collection for many good reasons.  It’s fun and provokes a bouquet of reflection.



Have a beautiful and successful week!


SOURCE:  Images-Shrimps.

RUNWAY BRILLIANCE: Shrimps Resort 2018 #runwaybrilliance #ultimatereport #fashion #trending

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