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Layered loungewear plus a bit more best describes the SS2019 collection from thibautLight fabric layered to sheer perfection also describes this collection in a most profound way.  At first glance, the mind wonders where these ensembles can work into a personal wardrobe.  Look again.  The value is in the layered pieces and how they playfully and practically work into every wardrobe.  Ultimately, the collection is geared toward men and women and there are notes of unisex pieces that have managed to find their way to the front of this pack.  Every highly popular trend of the past three years has been addressed and molded into viable pieces to be loved, worn, and adorned moving into the next three years.

What we love most.  The short pink trench coat.  BBC Amecia immortalized a similar design and the fashion gods have smiled upon all who have feverishly searched for the pink organza coat.  Villanelle’s single pink fashion statement has permanently embedded in the minds of serious fashionistas and the wearable holy grail has been found at last. thibaut, thank you.

We also likeThese pieces look comfortable.  Ruffles.  The collection boasts loads of gorgeous ruffles.  The fabrication makes for the lighter side of a heavy look.  Hues gone neutral for practical purposes.  Well, we don’t know if this was the intention but it is what we clearly see.  The pastels of cool and warm tones coupled with traditional neutrals of grey, shades of khaki, olive drab, flax, and eggshell, offer daily wear movement.  The shrug…in this collection, a high fashion piece worthy of every wardrobe.


“There are practical pieces and those designed to shock the senses.”

-Mary Winkenwerder, ULTIMATE REPORT





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SOURCE:  Images-Arun Nevader/Getty Images for VFW Management INC

RUNWAY BRILLIANCE: thibaut SS2019 #thibaut #ultimatereport #runwaybrilliance #runway #fashion #collection #SS2019

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