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From professionals to novices, everyone who enjoys fashion or lives life needs to clear out their closet at some point.  Did you purge your wardrobe at the beginning of the new year?  I did with a little help via Italy. How else will you have enough room for everything you’ll need to wear for SS2019?  Walking into a closet can seem like a never-ending blur of color at shoulder level.  It can be confusing where to start and when you’re in it, the view seems to be never-ending.  After all, a demanding schedule requires unique garment selections.  Let’s not forget shoes, scarves, and other accessories — time to make some room.

Fashion journalist and stylist Eva Redson has developed a simple method of sorting and purging that anyone can master successfully. The process offers step-by-step instruction.

I reflect on this experience; I feel gratitude.  Why does purging a closet of wearables cause such emotion?  Each garment served a vital role in my life.  Each served a purpose in moving my world forward.  It was time to say goodbye, and I did.  Next, an overwhelming wave of excitement filled my mind in anticipation of new and updated wardrobe finds.

My Scanner Method put to work

As promised to Eva, I put the Scanner Method to use in my closet.  My findings were interesting.  Through my process, I discovered the following:

I do not have to buy a bunch of basic garments to fill a closet whenever I feel like it or see them.

Some wild animal prints may trend for a single season, but not for multiple consecutive seasons.

Why buy garments outside of jeans as goal clothing?  To me, it just doesn’t make sense.  They can quickly accumulate.

Buying a single pair of peep toes stilettos for a single event can give that pair of shoes a limited wear life span.

Looking at half the garments in my closet and knowing I will never wear them again because they are 2-4 sizes too big for me.

Confirming that the several garments I bought seasons ago still look amazing, fit my body, and will be worn again.

I understand that all the garments, shoes, and accessories I no longer needed served me well on my fashion journey.

There is a fantastic number of black garments in my wardrobe.

A denim tidal wave is gaining momentum in my wardrobe.  I keep steadily moving it in a current direction with no indication of stopping…

I see a difference in the size of my closet in terms of the number of garments owned.

Where do I go now? What will work?

Okay, since clearing out wearables that no longer serve my life now, what’s left to wear?  What works for my life now?

There is a soft grey cashmere sweater from H&M.

Straight leg jeans that roll up for multiple fashion transitions picked up in CHI.

I love the pair of micro disc earrings in rose gold from H&M.

A pair of black and white kiltie patent leather loafers from Zara picked up on Poshmark.

Forever in my shoe line up will exist the pair of black ballet flats, matte finish, from Target.

A recently added is a pair of black leather calf height boots, Etienne Aigner, I picked up on Poshmark.

My old friend, the black puffer jacket, I purchased it in CHI.

A black Persian lamb faux fur coat, strolling length, I picked up on Poshmark.

Cotton colorful floral (Think watercolors) scarf from H&M.  The color story is cloudy white, grey, a breath of pink, muted blue, and a soft splash of green here and there.

A hip-length denim jacket I picked up on Poshmark.

Naturally, there are yoga pants and yoga shorts.

A series of Calvin Klein tank tops fit beautifully.

There are two short sleeved turtleneck tops, Breton stripes in white and black.

One oversized long black and white striped top with long sleeves.  Great for yoga and layering.

A few over-sized black and white striped stretchy/comfy t-shirts.

Two raw edge denim skirts, fitted/pencil style.

One black sleeveless mock turtle neck Ponte knit dress ¾ length.

I love the one chunky sleeveless full turtleneck sweater, high-low, in black.

Always eye-catching is the pair of fabulous Leila Rose full-length cigar pants, black with creamy white with a repetitive classic contemporary design.

One white blouse with embossed print, French Cuffs, pear finished cuff links and fashionable collar.  Its style is timeless, and it serves me very well.

One pair of raw edge jeans that are one size smaller than what I currently wear.  Why?  They are my seasonal size goal jeans and I am very close to fitting in them the right way!

I am always in love with the one soft leopard print pashmina with knotted fringe.

There is one pair of black cuffed cropped trousers.

One classic black suit with full cuffed trousers, a waist-length single-breasted jacket, and classic lapel is a much-needed staple.

Always on call is one creamy white silk sweater with long sleeves, jewel neckline, and classic cuff.

One amazing leopard print sweater, an original J. Crew “Tippi.” Perfect for solo wear or fashion layering.  It’s perfection.

Always in style is a fantastic pair of Vienne Milano black floral stockings.

A few pairs of full fit hosiery.


One slight burn out finished, short sleeved layering tee.  It’s one of my favorite pieces to wear.

One long navy cord necklace with multi-faceted lucite beads and navy grosgrain ribbon tie add ons, selected while I was in Chicago.

One black rayon/spandex mini skirt with a repetitive geometric hemmed pattern positioned closer to the bottom hemline.

One pair of black leather oxford brogues with a slightly lifted heel, Nine West, I picked up on Poshmark.

Always a crowd pleaser and on trend is one chandelier necklace in black beading and black metal hardware.

Adding a bit of culture in the mix is one silver collar necklace with exotic designs, crafted in Bali.

Of course, there are about a dozen pieces of at home-only lounge wear.

All-in-all, this process has simplified my wardrobe.  Many of the pieces I now own are interchangeable.  I like all those wardrobe pieces and don’t know what I would do without them.  They trend season-to-season while maintaining their value.

These are the pieces I reach for the most, before walking out the door.  I feel confident wearing them.  They are comfortable.  I can update with current trends, and they will still work into the mix beautifully. Sure, I’ll add new pieces, but with a clearer vision!  Thank you, Eva, for sharing your Scanner Method with me.  Not only does Scanner Method work, it made a difference in my life!



Have a beautiful and successful week!


SOURCE:  Images-Eva Redson.

SCANNER METHOD: How Will You Transform Your Wardrobe? #coverstory #book #ultimatereport #trending #fashion #lifestyle

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