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“Being an artist I’m always open to trying new things, so my skills aren’t limited to one area. I really enjoy freehand painting, colour corrections, balayage, and vivid colours. We all love a good transformation.”

-Theodora Raptis, Hair Artist

Unique hair color with superb styling is trending solid right now.  Taking a place among the trendsetters for 2019 is hair artist Theodora Raptis.  This stylist makes hair artistry next level by having her Instagram followers decide which color will prevail in her immediate personal style world.  This is a very brave move considering her appearance is literally at the mercy of social media followers.  The suggestion that transitioned into a popular personal look is looking at a work of art.  Seeing the finished work is enjoying the view.  Learning more about the finished work is an education in color brilliance.  I caught up with hair artist Theodora Raptis to learn more about this creative transition…

As a hair stylist, I don’t always get the chance to take care of my own situation. At the end of a long adventurous day, I’d honestly rather go home. Recently I decided it was time for a change. I’d been rocking silver hair for almost a year, and though I love it, I’ve secretly wanted something more. Baby blue or pastel pink? I posted it up on Instagram @Theodoraraptis and let my crew decide. P I N K  for the win but it was a close call watching all the comments roll in. So what did I do next?  I did what any average person would do and decided to film myself. Since everyone was now involved, I thought it would be fun to share the process. I used Celebluxury Viral Shampoo in pastel light pink, I wanted to show people how easy it was so I literally poured it on my head. I then jumped in the shower, and three minutes later I was made new. I am absolutely in love with this colour. Soft pastels are my favorite, and they fade so pretty. Maybe I’ll try blue or Green next?

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SOURCE:  Images-Theodora Raptis.

TALENT: Hair Stylist Theodora Raptis #talent #ultimatereport #hair #hairstylist #trend

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