TODAY IS NATIONAL PEANUT DAY!!!  #peanutday #funholidays #ultimatereport

The humble peanut has a glory day today!



If you are a lover of simple things that can morph into mega-hit wonders, then the peanut may be for you.  Today we celebrate the peanut.  It’s NATIONAL PEANUT DAY.  How will you celebrate?  If you don’t have a peanut allergy, enjoying the many flavors that peanuts can turn into will be a joy.  Aside from serving them as a salty treat with your favorite ale, they can turn into a protein-packed superfood enjoyed all over the world.  How many dishes and treats can you think of that are graced with peanuts?  Cuisines from all over the world offer their contributions to culinary cultures by adding peanuts.  Break out of your comfort zone and celebrate today with a new meal…pad Thai is a great start. A new type of peanut butter cookies could even be strong enough to be enjoyed today!  However you celebrate today, enjoy the day!!!




Have a beautiful and successful week!


SOURCE:  Images-Sarah Pflug,

TODAY IS NATIONAL PEANUT DAY!!! #peanutday #funholidays #ultimatereport

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