Break out your quarters and controllers…


Do you remember the days of at-home video game tennis and table tennis?  Ah, those were the days when everyone who had this simple console was on the cutting edge of at-home entertainment technology.  Now, 3-D interactive games with halo visors dominate some gamers attention and everything else is obsolete.  How can you make this fun holiday memorable and fun for all?  Break out every console ever created and make gaming competitions a prime objective.  Here are some finishing touches that will take the celebration over the top.

Set the vibe.

You gotta create the ultimate playlist…this is all about fun and setting the right vibe.  Make a megamix with everything from early daft punk, 70’s and 80’s popular game sounds, Pac-Man Fever, Space Age Wiz Kids by Joe Walsh, solid techno, solid trance, Yellow Card, and any other artist and sound that fully captures the spirit of video games.

The menu.

Uhhhh, PIE… Get creative with your pizza.  This is the occasion to be remembered for creative pizza assembly and creation.  Novelty cookies and cakes to reflect your favorite games.  A solid gift gallery for all those who win the in-house championship…of game posters, soundtracks, copies of games, and other fun finds.

Enjoy the day!!!


Have a beautiful and successful week!


SOURCE:  Image-Sarah Pflug.


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